Our Philosophy

Nowadays consumers buy big brands that they know and love. The same is true with films; there are a handful of actors that get shuffled around for movies each year. While there’s nothing wrong with the tried and true and the safe option, this isn’t necessarily right either. While everyone shuffles back and forth between the same big brands no one notices that the pool has become stagnant. Even if you notice, it’s hard to break away from the trend and try something new and unknown. Here at 1300 we deliver more than just consumer products; we deliver art and the best art is new and unknown.

Art changes and is changed by the world around it. Art is timeless, yes, but there’s nothing artistic about the same thing made by the same company year after year with the only difference being the color, or a new button. When you look at our designs and our products we want you to see something you’ve never seen before. Good art makes you think and that’s what we strive for here at 1300. Our team of master artisans are bringing the artistry back to luxury and back to art. Some companies hide behind “secret techniques” and “special processes” but we don’t. We’re pretty confident that anyone can copy our techniques as long as they have the skill and experience. Besides, if something is truly special, why not share it with the world. Here at 1300, we want to do more than just turn the luxury world on its head. We strive to push the limits and inspire others to do the same.

Going back to our techniques, we mainly utilize slip casting to create elegant forms. While many other companies may use slip casting, we take it to a whole other level. Here at 1300, I believe we’re great at many things; we’re very, very good at making porcelain. That aside, I believe we’re the best at one thing and one thing only: pushing the limits. Whether it be our slip casting techniques, our mold making techniques, our firing process, our out of the box designs, everything we do is to push the limits and both pave the way forward for aspiring artists but also set a whole new standard for luxury.