Our Founder

Shen-Founder of Shen 1300

Shen1300 is found by Shen Hen-rong (Shen), a ceramist specializing in Fine Art, who completed his MFA at The University of Hartford. Shen established Shen1300 Porcelain Art Centre in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. He has been involved in the ceramics scene for the better part of 30 years during which he has focused on challenging the material itself and pioneered casting limitations. Shen’s works as well as the public art he does on commission are collected in galleries and museums all over Taiwan. One notable example is the National Museum of History. Additionally, Shen’s works are also collected internationally by private collectors.

His work embraces an extensive range including sculptural, installation as well as functional ware. It is immensely important to him that his work is nearly perfect in every step of the process and creates the unique flawless three dimensional technique. This allows the sculptural pieces to be viewed from any angle including from the bottom. Alongside creating art Shen has always strived towards creating a better environment in the ceramics industry for the next generation and encouraging more and more enthusiastic artists to join the field of his research.